Friday , August 14th 2020
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Bagless Vacuums

Those who have never tried a bagless canister vacuum are in for an interesting surprise. For instance even though it may be a bagless canister vacuum most users are totally astonished how much easier it is to clean a home that features a mix of bare floors and carpeting.  They are also ideal for cleaning upholstery, tiny crevices and drapes.

Most people understand the dangers of carrying a heavy upright vacuum stair after stair when they need to vacuum stairs. A bagless canister vacuum makes it so much easier, and of course safer. Users are also very thankful about how little room such a canister vacuum will take, as opposed to having to put away an upright vacuum as well as all its accouterments.

Interestingly enough bagless canister vacuums still have considerable power, yet are still quite lightweight. The majority of bagless canister vacuums weigh in at a range of about 14 to 22 pounds.

Depending on how much power you think you’ll need for your own cleaning jobs, you can get adequate power with an 11-amp motor.  Some of these canister vacuums feature different power suction control options, which is something that many are inordinately pleased with.

For instance if you are vacuuming on a doily to suck out the dust that may be inside the intricate pattern and you do not have the time to remove the items sitting on the doily yet you obviously do not wish to suck up the doily, having optional power is going to save you a terrific amount of time.

You may find that HEPA filters for your bagless canister vacuum are not necessary, though they do inhibit the amount of dust that any vacuum will regurgitate into the air. Some of these filters, though expensive, are indispensable to those with allergies.  Users are especially pleased when they purchase the machine washable kind. Be sure and look for a “clean the filter now” indicator.  Filters usually last a very long time, but it’s imperative that you know when to replace it or not.

People who need to clean their ceilings or those cute wall cut-outs found in modern homes should look for a telescoping wand, as well as a long retractable cord. Cords are found as long as 25 feet, which if you have a very large house or a long hallway will prove to be indispensable. The user will also be happier if the hose itself is at least 5 feet long.

Of course the best part of a bagless canister vacuum is the fact that you can tell at a glance if your dirt cup is full since they use a clear canister. Taking out the dirt cup is relatively easy on most models, and there is usually a handle attached to the dirt cup for your ease in handling.

Look for power nozzles or power brushes if you are going to use your bagless canister vacuum on carpeting. These power brushes feature a rotating brush making it much easier to use on carpet and other cleaning difficulties. Other typical attachments may include a bare-floor brush, dusting brush, special upholstery tool and perhaps a crevice tool as well.