Wednesday , July 8th 2020
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Black & Decker PSV1800 18-Volt Cordless Pivoting Floor Vacuum Cleaner

The Black & Decker Pivoting Floor Vacuum Cleaner delivers the ultimate in power and performance, making use of the 18-volt battery included.

Due to the performance of this particular stick vacuum cleaner, you should easily be able to take on almost any mess around the home. With the pivoting action included you can move around and under furniture with ease.

BLACK+DECKER PSV1800 18-Volt Cordless Pivoting Floor Vacuum Cleaner

BLACK+DECKER PSV1800 18-Volt Cordless Pivoting Floor Vacuum Cleaner

The technology that is used for this vacuum cleaner allows suction to be maintained for far longer while you are cleaning. There is nothing more annoying than losing this power halfway through cleaning a room.

Most of the reviews for this product are very positive from customers who loved this product and wanted to do a quick and thorough job.

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Black & Decker Pivot Vacuum Features and Specifications:

  • Black & Decker Pivot Vacuum Dimensions: 10.8 x 7 x 52”
  • Product Weight: 11 lbs
  • Cordless 18-volt floor vacuum features exclusive pivoting action
  • Includes a motorized brush roll with on/off capabilities; side-suction vents
  • Cyclonic technology that means you get more suction power for longer while cleaning
  • Unit folds in half in order store if you have little space; charging stand included
  • 2-year warranty

Black & Decker Pivot Vacuum Reviews

There are a number of positive reviews for this product. Most customers were particularly impressed by the design, functionality and durability of this unit. It looks great and can pick up almost anything. Customers found it especially good at cleaning bare floors. However, carpets could also be cleaned with no problems with just a simple flick of a switch. This represents for many just how easy this unit is to use. You can get into angles and crevices that you may struggle with if using another model.

The vacuum cleaner is one of the best stick vacuum models on the market. It is very versatile and cordless which is something that is increasingly popular. Most customers do not want to be fiddling about with a long cord and then tripping over it while you are working. The technology that is used in order to maintain a steady level of suction power is fantastic for many. They found that there was far more suction available until the battery runs out.

For those customers that did not have much space to store anything, then this model is perfect. Once they have finished cleaning, they can fold this vacuum cleaner down to half its size and put away until the next time you need to use it.

Unfortunately, despite the number of positive reviews for this product, there are still some that are not that positive. These customers found a number of aspects surrounding the functionality were badly designed and did not work as expected or hoped. Others found that the unit just did not hold suction as it is supposed to do with the battery.

Overall, despite the negative reviews given by some customers, the majority of customers loved the product and how it functions on bare floors especially. If you want a stick vacuum cleaner that can recharge and is ideal for wooden floors then look no further than this product. There are far more favorable reviews on this than negative reviews.