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Cordless Handheld Vacuum, 7 KPA Hand Vacuum Cordless Rechargeable Hand Vacuum 100w 12v Cordless Car Vacuum Cleaner 2200mAh Lithium Battery Portable Vacuum Wet Dry for Home and Car Cleaning

Product Features:

    UptoBillions Cordless Handheld Cleaner Makes Your Life Smart★ Escape from the tiring cleaning job and clean every corner of your house & car. ★ Easy to deal with baby's noodle, soup, drink, debris, etc. ★Your lovely pet's hair isn't a problem any more. Specifications: ◆Material: ABS◆Weight: 1.42lb◆Rated Voltage: 12V◆Input…
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Product Description

UptoBillions Cordless Handheld Cleaner Makes Your Life Smart

★ Escape from the tiring cleaning job and clean every corner of your house & car.
★ Easy to deal with baby’s noodle, soup, drink, debris, etc.
★Your lovely pet’s hair isn’t a problem any more.


◆Material: ABS
◆Weight: 1.42lb
◆Rated Voltage: 12V
◆Input power:100W
◆Suction: 7000PA
◆Battery: 2200mAh Li-ion battery Pack
◆Sustained time: 20-25 min
◆Charging time: 3 hours
◆Type of use: Dry and Wet

Package Included

●1* Handheld Vacuums
●1* Power Plug
●1* Flat-mouth Sucker
●1* Soft Tube
●1* Hair Brush
●1* Carring Bag


▲Remember to clean it after use.
▲Tip: is recommended that you use the vacuum cleaner and charge it for 3 hours before use.
(Electricity consumption during transportation) Tip2.The vacuum cleaner can’t turn on when charging
(For safety design overload protection) If you want to store it for a long time, please fully charge it before storing it.

Quality assurance service;

each product includes 60 days unconditional refund and 36 months warranty
Contact us; [email protected]

Product Features

  • ✨ STRONG SUCTIONING & DEEP CLEANING: utilizes a 120W ultra-high power motor with suction up to 7Kpa, Appart from easily absorbing hair, food residue, particles, pet hairs, cigarette ash,paper scraps, hard-to-reach unseen dust motes,juice, milk and other spilled liquids, The vacuum has also outstanding results in the adsorption of less than 0.1 micron debris hidden in the sofa, cushion, mattress etc. working noise will be less than 60db, quieter than other brand vacuum cleaner.
  • ✨ All-ROUND CLEANING: With 3 different types of attachments, the portable vacuum helps you clean sofa seams, staircase corners, car crevices, and other hard-to-reach places whether at home or your vehicle. The brush nozzle is suitable for cleaning cloth material and cleaning narrow areas such as sharp corners and narrow gaps. The crevice nozzle attachment is best suited for absorbing milk, liquid, drink and so on.
  • ✨ DURABLE FILTER & EASY TO WASH: The vacuum cleaner has 3-stages of filtration to offer great filtering and dust-cleaning effect, which is more durable than the ordinary filter, by enhancing powerful suction, ideal for thorough cleaning .The Stainless steel filter can be detached and cleaned easily we recommend you place them back after they have been dried.
  • ✨ QUICK CHARGING TECH & LONG TERM USE: The rechargeable vacuum cleaner is Adopted for 2200mAh high capacity lithium-ion batteries, which only takes 4 hours to fully charge the battery and it can operate continuously for 20~ 30 minutes-Battery indicator 3 lamp is 100% / 2 lamp is 65% / 1 lamp is 30% / when 1 lamp flashes, it means the battery is running out
  • ✨ AFTER-SALES SERVICE: Our cordless handheld vacuum cleaner are backed by a 60-day refund and a 36-month worry-free warranty. If you have any questions, please contact us through Amazon’s purchase history, we will respond promptly and appropriately to meet all your needs. /Claim. If you can contact us directly, we will be very happy and grateful, thank you for your consideration.